Wednesday 15 June 2016

Is DevOps and Agile same?

Well, it is a valid question that would churn in anyone's mind!

Ideally, both Agile methodology and DevOps methodology promotes the software development practices, where the ultimate aim is to realize the business value much faster through iterative, smaller and continuous software deliveries.

Looking at the Agile Principles, we can say that DevOps is nothing but a subset of the Agile software development methodology.

While Agile is an over arching IT software development methodology, DevOps have more emphasis on the collaboration between IT Development and Operational organisations with automation as key principle, in order to improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Although, one of the Agile principles says "Business people and developers must work
together daily throughout the project", it sort of neglects the operational side of IT, which as a matter of fact much more relevant for bigger and mature IT organisations. As a result IT Ops practices were often "not" in align with those of Development team and hence the business suffered.

So IMO, an evolution of the DevOps methodology took place in around year 2008, for Development and Operational organisations to collaborate with each other and together realise the business value faster!

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